Change my facebook profile picture without cropping

Feb 07, 2016 Hi friends in this video tutorial i will show you the steps through which you can upload full picture as your profile picture on facebook without croping it Want to know how to upload a new Facebook profile picture without having to crop it?

Here are two solutions for you to try. This will then change your picture without cropping it so that nothing will be lost. The next solution.

This next solution will do the same as the first; you just have to choose which technique you prefer. 1. How to Change Facebook Profile Picture Without Cropping Tricks and Tips. If you want to change your facebook profile picture without cropping there are two methods, very simple methods no need to download any apps just follow the below instructions. i think it will helpful for you to change your face book profile picture without Mar 23, 2015  When you upload profile picture in facebook, facebook will ask you to crop and save the image, but if you just want to maintain the original dimensions of your video then Changing Facebook Profile Pictures isn't a really striking issue but there's a minor issue from the side of Facebook where cropping your Profile Picture has been mandatory for some users.

You may say" Oh! Seriously? I Change your Facebook Profile Picture in FULL SIZE no CROPPING. The effective way to get full in size photo in your profile picture is to upload it via a Mobile view or in Mobile site. Here's how. Then your new profile photo will be updated without cropping. (This is for the photos already uploaded in your albums or any photos tagged in your timeline. For photos not yet uploaded, you can simply click on upload photo) Sep 04, 2011 How do i change my profile pic on facebook without cropping?

you Cant When you Change your Profile Picture you Have to Crop it So it Can Meet Facebooks Display Picture Requirements. Evelyn 3 years ago. 0. Thumbs up. 0. Thumbs down. Report Abuse. Comment. Add a comment. Submit Aug 18, 2018  How to Change Your Profile Picture on Facebook.

This wikiHow teaches you how to change your Facebook profile picture using both the Facebook mobile app and the Facebook website. If you'd rather use a profile picture

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