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A single printer breakdown is of little consequence because print jobs can be picked up from any printer, anywhere on campus.

The Print From Anywhere service allows students to send print jobs to the SINC Site Print Queue from their own Print anywhere printers. Members of the campus community with an active Pharos account can send their print jobs to the Print From Anywhere Queue from mobile devices (smartphones and tablets) as well as computers via web browser, and email.

When on campus, students can print to the Pharos Printer Send a print job to your printer with the Print Anywhere feature of the HP Smart app. Print Anywhere is a network of over 65 multifunction copiers that provide 247 document services at Arizona State University. Each device can print, photocopy and scan to email.

When printing from Print anywhere printers ASU computer, your print jobs will automatically link to your My ASU account and Sun Card. HP unveiled a new category of webenabled printing solutions designed for the cloud that will, for the first time, allow people to: Print from any email device to any new ePrintenabled printer from anywhere in the world through the new HP ePrint platform; Store documents or files in the cloud and print direct when needed; Transform their printers Printing Instructions.

Download and install the" SINC Print From Anywhere Client" from the packages section. When printing your document select" SINC Print From Anywhere Queue" as your printer. Go to the USU PrintAnywhere website; Choose printer location; Select the document and options; Format page settings; Log out or send another document; Additional Information.

Apple iOS users can print only from public webpages when using the mobile website. Use Print Anywhere from your personal computer or laptop to print to MU networkconnected printers. You can start your print job and pick it up at the designated printer when you need it. But remember, Print Anywhere cannot be used to How can the answer be improved?

How to Print From Anywhere. Google now offers a standalone Cloud Printer service that adds your Cloud Printers to the standard print (and the file and print sharing therein) from anywhere

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