Excel 2013 lock picture in cell

Learn how to lock an image to a cell in Microsoft Excel 2010 so that the image remains in the cell if you cut and paste the column to a different location. then click the Size and Properties option on the shortcut menu, which will open a new Format Picture window How to Loop a Powerpoint Presentation in Powerpoint 2013; Why Does My Watch Video How to Insert Picture into a Cell in Excel A few days ago, I was working with a data set that included a list of companies in Excel along with their logos.

I wanted to place the logo of each company in the cell adjacent to its name and lock it in such a way that when I resize the cell, the logo should resize as well. Mar 01, 2012 How to insert picture into cell and lock Hi everyone my first post! I am a commercial real estate professional and am building an excel database of property information pictures of the building. 2. 1 Select Fill vertically cell after cell or Fill horizontally cell after cell in the Import order dropdown list as you need.

2. 2 Click Add File or Folder based on your need. 2. 3 In the Open dialog box, select the pictures or folder with Moving the pointer to cells for which the Locked check box is cleared on the Protection tab of the Format Cells dialog box.

By default, users can select unlocked cells, and they can press the TAB key to move between the unlocked cells on a protected worksheet. Feb 20, 2013  Locking a picture into place EXCEL I have office 13. I am a noob. Here is the problem. How to lock an image into place so that even the Worksheet is SCROLLED DOWNUP it stays in place.

STUCK in VIEW of sorts that it is not attached to any cells of sorts. One picture on top is locked even when scrolling up or Another way to insert a picture directly inside a cell is to put it in a comment.

Not only does this lock an image to a specific cell, it keeps the image out of the way until you need it. By clicking on the comment icon in the cell's corner, the picture opens in a You can read here to learn about locking pictures to cells in Excel 2010. Once you have completed the steps below, the picture in the cell will resize with the rest of the cells in its row or column, and will be included if you cut and paste a row or column to a different location in the worksheet.

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