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Restaurants and the Heimlich Maneuver. Topic: We identified 14 states with laws specifically relating to providing aid to a choking victim in a restaurant or a similar establishment that serves food for consumption on the premises.

a business that does not post the instructions and the poster is not subject to any criminal penalty or to Set of four posters includes CPR Techniques, Bloodborne Pathogens, Choking Choking poster for restaurant Fire Extinguishers CPR Poster has been updated to include the new American Heart Association guidelines 95.

99 95. 99 Laminated poster ideal for daycare centers, schools, restaurants, and workplace Choking First Aid Poster 12 x 18 in. NONlaminated Instructions for Infants, Children, and Adults by Safety Magnets Check out some of our favorite Choking Poster redesigns from around the web. Skip to content. Mission Restaurant Supply Blog; The Best Choking Posters Online.

in. Useful Resources. With over 4, 000 victims a year, choking is a serious hazard in restaurants. Required Signs for Restaurants. Food Allergy Please call 311 to see if you need to have this poster and to get free copies. Choking First Aid Poster sample (PDF) Available in English, Spanish and Chinese. Please call 311 to get free copies of this poster. Letter Grade Posting (PDF) You will get these after your restaurant is Get online choking poster and post this poster to protect your employees against any potential accidents.

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