Posterior rhinoscopy diagram

Jul 21, 2015 ENT Otorhinolaryngology Clinical Physical Examination Part (4) Nose Examination [ part ii Posterior Rhinoscopy Demonstration by Dr. Awais Samee ENT Dept M Normal and Abnormal Findings in Rhinoscopy Brian C. Spector, MD Ear, Associates normal anatomy visualized in Rhinoscopy Identify abnormal findings visualized in with normal anterior rhinoscopy Role of Anterior Rhinoscopy, Nasal Endoscopy and Computed Tomography in the Posterior rhinoscopy diagram of Early Polyposis of Nasal Mucosa were evaluated with anterior rhinoscopy, nasal endoscopy and CT scan of paranasal sinuses.

Patients posterior rhinoscopy may not be possible in some cases. As a result, the early diagnosis of Definition of Rhinoscopy. 1. n. The examination or study of the soft palate, posterior nares, means of a laryngoscopic mirror introduced into the pharynx. In anterior rhinoscopy, the rhinoscope is advanced through the nose to examine the nasal cavity. Posterior Rhinoscopy [ edit In posterior rhinoscopy, the endoscope is advanced through the mouth to examine the back of the nasal cavity above the soft palate, and can be used Posterior rhinoscopy diagram visualise the oropharynx below that.

Anterior rhinoscopy is an examination of the nasal cavities enabling to note nasal secretions, swelling of the turbinates, properties of the mucosal surface, position of the nasal septum, ulcerations or presence of foreign bodies.

The students are usually capable to observe the position of nasal septum with Anterior rhinoscopy Required instruments [Figure 21 Head light; Hartmann nasal speculum; Figure 21. Examination technique For all examinations of the nose, the patient sits on a chair which provides adequate back support. Sit on a heightadjustable stool beside or in front of the patient.

The latter position has the disadvantage that you have posterior rhinoscopy inspection of the nasopharynx and posterior portion of the nasal cavity by means of the rhinoscope, or with a nasopharyngoscope. See also: nasopharyngoscopy. posterior rhinoscopy n. Examination of the nasopharynx and posterior portion of the nasal cavity using a rhinoscope or a nasopharyngoscope.

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